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Country Comfort Foods: World Class Potato Products

In recent years, North American potato producers have suffered from some very unfortunate conditions in harvesting and production of potatoes due to environmental issues, labor shortages and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost 80% of North American potato cultivation and processing comes from the relatively small geographic area of the Pacific Northwest in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Because of their proximity, the weather that hits one state affects the others, causing major disruption in potato crops across the region. We expect this to be an ongoing issue. Changing weather patterns and escalating operational costs have created multiple obstacles for sufficient supplies of potatoes. Recent early frost damage caused a major interruption of the growing season for potatoes, resulting in supply shortages and proper sized potatoes for critical French Fry length. To combat the ongoing, unpredictable conditions in the Northwest, we have created a “Diversification Strategy,” providing a safety net to your supply chain of products. The key benefits we provide are:

  • Uninterrupted supply of high quality both raw materials and processed items
  • Stabilized pricing for better margin control
  • Domestic inventories that meet all USA specifications for potato products

To learn more about how our Diversification Strategy can help minimize the impacts of an unpredictable Mother Nature, contact us today.

We have a wide variety of potato products to choose from

Potato Attributes

  • Consistent larger sizing due to lower risk of frost damage causing early interruption of growth goals.
  • Halal, Kosher and Organic certifications are available upon request.
  • USA/Canada Inventory
  • Certified Organic Available
  • Multi Items allows mixed loads.

5 Reasons We Can Say World Class Quality And Value

5 Reasons - Number 1

#1 Eighty percent of our further processed potatoes are produced using potatoes that are fresh from the field and not storage potatoes. Resulting in specific gravity, sugar and starch levels making a superior product.

#2 Two harvests annually allow for more dependable raw material source.

5 Reasons - Number 2
5 Reasons - Number 3

#3 Our potatoes are grown in an area that has few to little issues on environmental stressors such as frost damage, irrigation limitations and lower restrictions for expanding farming demands for increased agricultural land development.

#4 We have multiple Food Safety Certifications recognized world wide.

5 Reasons - Number 5

#5 Due to our favorable economic factors, we are able to offer your company superior quality potato products at a consistent value, lowering your food cost and increasing your margins.

Egyptian Potatoes: A history as rich as its soil.

For more than a century, Egyptian agriculture has focused on perfecting commercial potato production, processing and logistics. The rich soil, abundant water source and mild climate along the banks of the Nile Delta provide ideal growing conditions. Through our partnerships in Egypt, Country Comfort Foods delivers:

  • Two crop harvests annually for a sustainable supply of high-quality product
  • Consistent, world-class grading for length, gravity and flavor
  • Strong buying power with the US/Canadian dollar
  • Cost-effective, efficient processing from the ground to final product ensuring quality and consistency

Certifications And
International Alliance

Domestic USA/Canada Purchasing

  • Truckload orders
  • Rail Car
  • FOB or delivered programs
  • Private label available
  • Seasonal pricing guarantee available
  • GTN labeled